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Media Appearances

As a Professional Dating Coach and one of the most recognisable coaches in the world of Dating, Jacob often appears on many different forms of media giving his advice and sharing his tips on how to be more successful in Dating and in Relationships. This includes TV, Podcasts, News Articles, Social Media & Radio.

dating and relationship coach Jacob Lucas

As a Dating & Relationship expert, Jacob collaborated with Sky for Sky Stream on an episode of 'Life Simplified' where he sat down with comedian Mo Gilligan to discuss Dating and Relationships. This is an informative & fun episode that helps simplify the rules of Dating. 

To watch the full episode click the link below: 

(12) Three Tips for Dating Success | Mo Gilligan presents Life Simplified - YouTube


Jacob makes regular appearances on TV and on Podcasts. The audience finds his tips and advice very helpful and insightful. Jacob will discuss many topics such as, 'How to get yourself out there in the dating world' to 'How to manage communication in your relationship'. 

Here Jacob is pictured on 'Afternoon Live' on live TV in the USA.

image0 (11).jpeg

Jacob is often featured in many worldwide News articles giving his advice and thoughts on many different Dating and Relationship topics. These News articles are read by millions of people all over the world. 

As a Dating and Relationship expert, Jacob's methods and teachings of Dating and Relationships are enjoyed by many readers who find his tips very helpful and eye opening in their own dating lives.

Jacob has featured in 'Daily Mail', 'New York Post', 'Independent', 'The Sun' and many more news publications.

With over 750,000 followers on TikTok, over 100,000 followers on Instagram, and millions of views on many of his online videos, Jacob is one of the most popular Dating and Relationship Experts on social media.  

In only a couple of years Jacob has gained a massive audience who enjoys and listens to his views on Dating & Relationships. This is because Jacob's advice is authentic, caring, actionable and delivers amazing results. 

Jacob posts helpful guidance often on his social media, so be sure to drop him a follow on TikTok and Instagram at @jacoblucas101 so you always get to see his newest content.

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